Operation skills of inverter in photovoltaic power generation system

Date: 2019-10-29

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  Operation and use


  1. Connect and install the equipment in strict accordance with the operation and maintenance instructions of the inverter. During installation, check carefully: whether the wire diameter meets the requirements; whether the parts and terminals are loose during transportation; whether the insulation is good; whether the system grounding meets the requirements.


  2. Operate and use the inverter in strict accordance with the operation and maintenance instructions. In particular: before starting the machine, pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal; during operation, pay attention to whether the sequence of switching on and off the machine is correct, and whether the indication of each meter head and indicator light is normal.


  3. Generally, the inverter has automatic protection for open circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheat and other items, so in case of these phenomena, there is no need to stop the machine manually; the protection point of automatic protection is generally set in the factory, and no need to adjust.


  4. There is high voltage in the inverter cabinet. Generally, the operator shall not open the cabinet door, which shall be locked normally.


  5. When the room temperature exceeds 30 ℃, heat dissipation and cooling measures shall be taken to prevent equipment failure and extend the service life of the equipment.